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Green frog (Rana esculenta):
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G. Tembrock
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Bioacoustic Monitoring

The progress in the field of signal processing and pattern recognition during the last decades give a real chance for automatic systems to recognize animal species by song and to localize them. Currently we are establishing a system for acoustic monitoring of nocturnal wetland birds. Read more.

Bioacoustic Monitoring

Renaturation area "Grosse Rosin"

Recently we are exploiting an autonomous acoustic recording unit powered by a solar panel. By this way we want to establish in cooperation with the association of the Naturpark Mecklenburgisches Schweiz und Kummerower See a permanent bioacoustic monitoring. Here you can listen to the monitoring data. Read more.

Solar powered recording unit

Solar powerd acoustic recording unit

Reference System for Animal Vocalisations

Within a project funded by the German Research Foundation project, we are currently preparing a reference system for bioacoustic data. The aim of the project is to prepare clean sound recordings as reference for acoustic pattern recognition tasks. At the same time it will provide an overview of the variability of vocalizations European species. Read more.

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