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House sparrow (Passer domesticus):
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G. Tembrock
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Audio CDs with animal sounds

Sound recordings of the Animal Sound Archive have been recently published on three Audio-Cds with mammal sounds. You can listen to the sounds of wolves and jackals, deer and bears.

Preparing recordings for the Brockhaus Encyclopaedia

In October 2005 on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Brockhaus publishing house the 21st edition of the Brockhaus encyclopaedia was released. Animal voices from our sound archive can be heard in the audiotheca of the printed edition, in the Brockhaus Enzyklopädie digital and in the online-version. In total we prepared 1685 recordings.

Actual press reports and radio reports about the Animal Sound Archive

DW-World 4.11.2011

Deutsche Welle 29.08.2006
Purr, Squawk, Chirp -- Animals Speak Out at Berlin Archive,2144,2146937,00.html

ORF Science 18.07.06: Bedeutendes Tierstimmen-Archiv in Berlin

Berliner Zeitung, 28.06.2006, S. 15
Naturschutz aus dem Lautsprecher

Märkische Oderzeitung 27.06.2006, S. 17
Per Mikrofon auf Vogelstimmenjagd

Grünblick (Umweltzeitung der Naturschutzstation Malchow) Nr. 68, Mai 2006

HUMBOLDT. Die Zeitung der Alma Mater Berolensis. Ausgabe 7 2005/2006, 4. Mai 2006

Wenn die Spinne dreimal klingelt : Bscher-Medienpreis an der HU verliehen. Informationsdienst Wissenschaft 28.04.2006

Deutschlandfunk 16.04.2006

Deutschlandfunk 20.03.2006

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Zeitschrift Country Heft 5/2005, S. 110-112, "Auf Tierstimmenfang"

Tagesspiegel 8.10.2005 "Bei Anruf Wolfsheulen"

WDR 5 Leonardo vom 9. Juni 2005 Bröckelnder Gibbonschrei - Das Berliner Tierstimmenarchiv soll vor dem Verfall gerettet werden

BBC 19.05.2005 Odyssey Sirens 'were monk seals'

Exploitation of the Animal Sound Archive

Beside its usage in scientific research the recordings of the Animal Sound Archive are widely used for popular scientific purposes. The animal voices are used for audio installations in museum exhibitions, in zoos, for acoustic illustrations in books (even children's books) and in the new Brockhaus encyclopaedia. Most of the projects are realized in cooperation with Humboldt-Innovation GmbH.

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